My Chance Encounter with Fred Armisen

I have had a fabulous past few days, but nothing can top what happened last night.

Natasha Lyonne, of Orange is the New Black and American Pie fame, came to Northwestern for a speaking event, and while I watch very, VERY little television, I tagged along because my best friend loves OITNB and because I managed to snag a free ticket. As luck would have it, she also happened to win a meet and greet with Natasha—which is amazing because no one I know ever wins these kinds of contests when student groups put them on, let alone my best friend. Naturally, I became her plus one because she is the best.

Shortly before the show, my friend peered toward the front of the auditorium and nudged me. “Is that Fred Armisen?” she asked.

I couldn’t see who she was referring to at first, but then I saw a man with dark hair and black-rimmed glasses after a few seconds. “This is Northwestern, Caroline. Everyone has dark hair and hipster glasses.”

“No, I think it might be him,” she said. “But it couldn’t be.”

We both stared at the man in the front seats for a few more seconds until he turned and we saw his profile. “Oh my god, I think it is him,” she said at the same time I was thinking that.

So basically instead of listening to a lot of what Natasha was talking about at the event, I was fidgeting in my seat and freaking out about the fact that one of my favorite comedians was in the room with me. Like I said, my TV watching habits are pretty nonexistent when I’m not at home and don’t have access to cable or time for binge watching popular shows, no matter how good they are (for instance, Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones are both on my list), but when I was in New York this past fall, I did actually manage to binge watch Portlandia because it is weird and brilliant, and so is Fred Armisen.

I was desperately hoping Fred would be at the meet and greet, even though he kept a super low profile in the audience at Natasha’s event. As soon as it was over, I saw security guards escort him out the side door first thing, and I knew he must have been headed there.

And soon enough, at the meet and greet just after the show, both he and Natasha were there. I geeked out a lot and got anxious that they wouldn’t want me to take photos with them or that time would run out while I was waiting in line amid the other 25 students who were there, but sure enough, I got to meet both of them, and they were lovely people.

I can’t believe what kind of crazy stuff can happen when you tag along on friends’ random contest-won events. I will forever be in debt to my best friend. In honor of her and the fact that she is trying so hard to persuade me to binge watch Broad City with her, here’s Fred Armisen in Broad City, in a clip I am very fortunate to have seen AFTER I met him. Ha.


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