March 28

My goodness, this has been quite a busy past few weeks, but I am back, and I am ready to start my last quarter of undergraduate education! (Who’s freaking out? Not me…)

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, so I’ll update you on life as it happened for me this last half of the month of March. And I’ll do so in my favorite way—as a list:

  • I took two in-class finals and wrote two research papers, both of which stressed me out more in thought than in action.
  • I ended up with an A- in my history seminar, which is a big deal if you’re at all familiar with the way grades work at Northwestern! And my sociology and geography classes weren’t awful either.
  • I read and finished reading a book! It was Hell Bent, by Benjamin Lorr. I am weird and like to read about yoga, guys.
  • I had my annual pre-spring break screening of (500) Days of Summer. A bit of background: After knowing the soundtrack very well for months in advance, I finally got around to watching this movie on the Friday before going home for spring break at the end of winter quarter my freshman year. My roommate was gone, I was lonely, my room was hot, and I was still reeling from a breakup that had taken place about two months before, and this movie made me cry so good, and it is what got me over the hump of my breakup and back into the world again. I have lots of feels for this movie and still like to watch it annually before spring break.
  • I cooked an awful brown rice and edamame dish with puréed scallion sauce that gave me 36-hour onion breath and subsequently got tossed out (which is a big deal for me, because I always eat my leftovers).
  • I completed Pure Barre’s 20 classes in 30 days challenge, even despite being out of town for a week!
  • I got my third set of highlights in my hair, and it looks awesome and even more blonde than before.
  • I (re-)watched all of season 1 of Portlandia and read the cookbook that goes along with the show.
  • I also watched Forks Over Knives, which, like many things I have watched and read these past couple of years, affirms my skepticism for eating meat as often as I used to.
  • I resurrected my semi-dormant food blog and posted a recipe for a green smoothie! (Let’s see how well I can handle running two sites at once, lol.)
  • In light of her 21st birthday, one of my lovely friends took me and a bunch of my sorority sisters out for all you can eat tacos at DS Tequila Company in Lakeview in Chicago, and I drank delicious margaritas and ate too many tacos, then I found out that her mom was footing the bill. I will return this generosity when I can! So thankful.
  • I had an amazing unofficial St. Patrick’s Day celebration in Chicago with a few of my closest friends that involved lots of Guinness, macaroni and cheese, jello shots, inebriated Mario Kart, pinball at Headquarters Beercade, free Jameson shots at Mad River nearby, truffle fries at DMK Burger Bar, karaoke and green beer at Trader Todd’s, more singing and drinks at Lincoln Karaoke (at a friend’s birthday party, where I ran into an ex of my current male interest!), beer at Half Acre Beer Company, and surprisingly no hangover the next day! (Days like these spent roaming the city with my friends are what make me love Chicago to the core.)
  • And last but not least, I spent a week in beautiful, sunny Key West with my best friend and her incredibly wonderful mom and mom’s friend. I had a blast. I will blog about the trip and share photos tomorrow so that the experiences I had there can get their share of the glory.

I have to admit that, reading over this post right now before hitting publish, I myself am astounded at what I’ve done in my life since I’ve last blogged on here. I have been busy busy busy, but now I’m back and ready to make even more memories in this final quarter of college. It’s great to be back! 🙂