A Visit From Sergeant Pepper

My roommate’s family’s dog is a tiny teacup Yorkie with baby-sized paws and quite a big name. Sergeant Pepper is visiting for the weekend while Michelle’s family is visiting Dallas and providing me with the best kind of entertainment while I complete a marathon of full-time job applications for the summer. Instead of going to bed, all I want to do is stay up and hang out with this little fella!



Valentine’s Day My Way


Let me first admit that I put off writing this post all day. Sure, I needed the photo of my actual V-Day celebration to accompany this post, but I could have at least drafted it earlier. Instead, I drank half a bottle of sparkling wine, watched The Grand Budapest Hotel, put on music, and spent too much time on social media, but there was no reason really for me to avoid writing this besides the presence of deep-ish thoughts on a personal subject that sometimes causes me pain, depending on the day. None of this is really new, novel information in my life. Everyone has his or her own thoughts on Valentine’s Day, and I will relate to you mine.

There are a lot of Valentine’s Day haters, but I don’t think I’m exactly one of them. Even though I have never had a boyfriend on Valentine’s Day (and one boyfriend total in my life so far), I don’t mind the day. I am a natural romantic. I love candles and cute gestures and candy as much as the next person. My main dish with Valentine’s Day lies in the way people blow it up, whether they like the holiday or not.

The people I know with boyfriends, girlfriends, significant others, and other “official” relationships love to brag about how romantic and perfect their other halves are on Valentine’s Day, and if that’s not sickening enough, the other perpetually single people I know blow up Valentine’s Day on the other end, complaining about their solitude all over social media, which gets frustrating for someone like me who goes by blissful ignoring of the nuances of the holiday.

The way the holiday gets conflated in both directions gets on my nerves. I don’t know how my relationship with Valentine’s Day will change someday in the future when I’m no longer single, but part of me hopes I keep the same views. I believe Valentine’s Day is not about boyfriends or girlfriends, fancy dinner reservations or gifted teddy bears. Valentine’s Day is about love, loving one another, and loving things in your life—not hating your life and wishing to die for 24 hours. No. Wrong.

Being in the highly unpopulated middle of the road when it comes to Valentine’s Day, I treat it as a day to treat myself. I got new makeup from BareMinerals yesterday so I made myself look really pretty for myself today, and I put in a special order with Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria for a heart-shaped personal deep-dish pizza. I worked out this afternoon, then when I got back to my apartment, I prepared for my pizza dinner by lighting a candle, playing nice jazz muzic, popping the cork on a bottle of German sparkling wine I had been saving for a special occasion, and relaxing. Then when my pizza arrived, I scarfed that down, along with a few chocolate-covered strawberries, and regret nothing about it. In fact, it might have been the best Valentine’s Day I have had so far.

Don’t get me wrong—I’m not really all that pleased about being single for all these years. But I know if it bothered me enough, I could easily do something about it. Whether or not that’s the key to happiness is yet to be discovered, but I am truly mostly okay with the way I am right now. At this point in life, it’s easier for me to focus on myself, and when the time comes to let someone else into my life, I will know.

I’m not ready to discuss my romantic life on this blog (that’s a topic that will take way too much energy to chart out), but for now, I, as a single person, bid the other single people out there to stop stressing out and bumming yourselves out on Valentine’s Day. It’s a silly day, but it’s also a great opportunity to do things like eat an entire pizza for the hell of it because you love yourself and you deserve it.

I know it’s easier said than done, but just remember it’s one day of the year, and there’s so much love in this world that it’s hard to know when you’re loved, since you’re so used to it. Maybe you don’t have a conventional love interest right now (I know I don’t), but that doesn’t mean you’re unloved. Take it easy, and love yourself. Life gets easier that way.